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Bridge Load Definition

Chapter 13 Bridge Load Rating 13.1 General Bridge load rating is a procedure to evaluate the adequacy of various structural components to carry predetermined live loads. The Bridge Load Rating Engineer in the WSDOT Bridge Preservation Office is responsible for the bridge inventory and load rating

Three Types of Loads Considered in Bridge Construction Dead Load. The dead load of a bridge is the bridge itself — all the parts and materials. Live Load. A live load is the moving weight the bridge will hold, such as traffic. Dynamic Load. Dynamic loads are outside forces that cannot be.

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Define live load. live load synonyms, live load pronunciation, live load translation, English dictionary definition of live load. n. A moving, variable weight added to the dead load or intrinsic weight of a structure or vehicle. n a variable weight on a structure, such as moving.

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load combinations to assist the designer in avoiding non-governing load combinations. 17. Key Words Loads, Load Combinations, Steel Bridge Design, Load Factors, limit states 18. Distribution Statement No restrictions. This document is available to the public through the national technical information Service, Springfield, VA 22161. 19. Security.

Bridge Load Rating procedures and MDT specific policies are located in this chapter. Inspectors will generally not need this information, but it is a guide for staff and consultant rating engineers. All of the data above, including those for previous years, uses the new definition. dr. alison premo Black, the organization’s chief economist.